Toronto Escort Charlotte

Toronto Escort Charlotte In Sexy Maroon

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Toronto Escort Charlotte
Toronto Escort Charlotte
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Cultural Background: European
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes Color: Blue
Age: 20
Breasts: Natural
Curves: 34B-24-34
Features: Slender
Do you have Tattoos: No
Do you smoke: Smoking

The following is some background information on the stunning Charlotte.  This quick Q&A shows how we differ from other escort agencies in Toronto. The escorts like Charlotte, that we hire at Toronto Kama are unique, and this is why our models are the best in Toronto.

Q: What do you like the most about yourself?

A: I like my smile.  When I was younger I didn’t smile a lot, and in my opinion it showed in the amount of friends I had.  When I was older and started getting more interested in relationships, or boys if you like, I started changing my attitude.  I began to notice that a genuine smile help me initially connect with someone, or at least it gave me the impression it did, which added to my confidence.

Q: What is your favorite place to eat?

A: I like sushi, so one of my go to places in Toronto is JaBistro. Its located right downtown in the Toronto business district.  I really like it because the chefs create the dishes right in front of you, so you can see that the food is fresh.  Its also not that noisy so you can have a comfortable conversation there.  I don’t particular like Japanese desserts so I go the strictly for the main course.

Q: So if you don’t like Japanese desserts, what is your favorite dessert?

A: You cant go wrong with a good cheese cake.  It has to be light and fluffy, so that is my main criteria for a good cheese cake.  Other than that, and cake that is not heavy, so for example I don’t like black forest type cakes.

Q: Have you seen a movie recently that you liked?

A: Yes, I liked Avengers End Game, sort of predictable I guess.  I would of watched it regardless if the reviews as need closure.

Q: What did you like about it?

A: Are spoilers ok?  I liked that not everyone lived, it added a bit of realism to the ending.  I really don’t like the feel good movies where everyone lives, that’s sort of lazy writing.

Q: Favorite place to go while you are in the general Toronto Area?

A: I have a few places and to be honest, my favorite changes or else I find it boring.  At the moment my favorite is the Shangri-La Lounge, its a classy place, and I also love the hotel. You get very few rude people there, and its a nice place to start the evening, or even end the night before I go home.

Q: who is your favorite actress?

A: I sort of fell in love with Charlize Theron, I think she is stunning.  I remember watching a show about her, and she was talking about her abusive father and what happened to him.  It was quite sad.  It struck a cord with me, and just shows how people can overcome different issues in life.  I think her mother is a rock star for helping her daughter.

Q: Was there a movie that attracted you to her?

A: Monster.  It was awesome.  She looked so gross in the movie, so it was a shock when I saw how stunning she really looks. Wow.

Q: Any other questions you would like me to ask?

A: Nope, I would rather leave some questions  about myself unanswered.

Toronto Escort Alyssa

Toronto Escort Alyssa In Classy Peach

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Cultural Background: North American
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes Color: Blue
Age: 25
Breasts: Enhanced
Curves: 34DD-26-34
Features: Tall
Do you have Tattoos: Yes, Small
Do you smoke: Non-Smoking

The following is some background information on Alyssa, a sort of a general what she likes question and answer session. The escorts we hire at Toronto Kama are unique, so like like to show the personal side of our models.

Q: Favorite place to eat?

A: In Toronto? There are so many great places to eat, so that is a difficult one. If I had to choose, it would be Harbour 60 (Name and address of restaurant). Its in a great location and has a really friendly atmosphere.

Q: What is your favorite dessert?

A: That is an easy question! Crème Brûlée! Harbour 60 has a good one. I think I can actually eat this for a main course.

Q: Do you have a favorite movie?

A: I probably like Shawshank Redemption the most. I actually for to meet one of the main cast members at the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF). I prefer not to say who as people are going to assume that I met him as an escort, which I didn’t.

Q: What scene do you like most?

A: I really enjoyed the escape, I didn’t see it coming even though I knew the film was based on a prison escape. I was also surprised that Steven King wrote the story, he is one of my favorite authors.

Q: Do you have favorite TV show?

A: Breaking Bad. I have watched the show about 4 times. I really like it because it never lost its appeal. I have watched some show and have really lost interest, sort of like Walking Dead. I also really like The Wire, but once again I lost interest when Omar was killed. He was actually one of my all time favorite characters in a TV show.

Q: What is your favorite type of vacation?

A: Anything with sun. Cuba is fun.

Q: What you scared of?

A: I am not super scared of anything, however spiders creep me out. They bigger they are, the more creepy it feels.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: Everything I do, I make sure I enjoy. It really differs. I like walks by myself when I want to be alone, or relaxing on the sofa, watching a movie. When I want to party, I go out somewhere, anywhere! Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, or a combination of all three. Toronto has a wide variety of things to do.

Q: If you could live anywhere else, where would you go?

A: Spain! It has sunshine, awesome festivals, and amazing scenery. I have spent about 2 weeks in Spain, travelling from place to place, it was fantastic.

Q: What is the best bar you have visited in Toronto?

A: I don’t like “the best” type of questions, I like all of them, or else I don’t go back. I recently went to Birreria Volo on College Street, I really enjoyed that. Its a quirky type of bar, long, narrow and cosy. Its definitely unique.