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Welcome to what we consider the most professional, and beautiful female Toronto escorts. As you probably know, differences make life more interesting, so with that in mind, our models all take great pride in themselves, and continue to work on the attributes that make them unique and special individuals. If you use our services, you will encounter models that have a combination of being beautiful, sexy, respectable, dedicated, fun loving, authentic, humorous, discrete, sociable, patient, passionate, and reliable.



You can take a look at the models recent and untouched images or call our phone answering service who are experienced in matching the right girl with you interests. Call to book now.

TAKE NOTE: All models on this website are 18 years and older. You will not find legal Toronto escorts that don’t meet age requirements. You will encounter adult material on this site, however there are no nude pictures, and none will be supplied by request. By entering this site you are confirming that you are above 18 and adult related material is legal in your location.

Toronto Escorts by category

Variety is the very spice of life! The following links are categorized into sections that list all the models of that particular look. We find that most clients are looking for a particular attribute, so this is the best way to refine your search so that you are not inundated with images of desirable women.

Escorts with tattoos:

The tattoos can vary in size and body coverage. If you are specific in what you want, then please relay this information with the phone staff.

Escorts with no tattoos

Tattoos are not for everyone, some clients just do not like them at all, while other clients can tolerate one that is small and discrete. The models listed here have none at all.

Escorts with shapely figures

A category that is open to debate. We consider someone shapely as someone with shapely hips, butt and breasts, in proportion.

Escorts with slender figures

The definition here is a runway model type figure, just that sometimes the height of a runway model is not always available.

Escorts with natural breasts

Some people like the natural feel and shape of their bodies, so decide to keep themselves the way they are.

Escorts with enhanced breasts

A typical model with enhanced breasts looks natural. We don’t particularly like an over enhanced look, however there are some girls that can pull this look off like a rock star, and they are available.

Non-smoking escorts

Do you not smoke? Some clients only want models that don’t smoke, while other clients do not have a preference.

Exotic escorts

If you are looking for an exotic look, then look no further than this category.

Younger looking escorts

You should take note that all legal escorts are at least 18 years old.

Mature looking escorts

We have clients that like a more mature looking model. Some of the models in this category are young, however they have a mature presence though a combination of makeup and attire.

Why use Toronto Kama

  • Discretion is paramount.
  • We have the widest variety of escorts in Toronto.
  • Our models are so exceptional that some clients book them for international trips.
  • We hire new girls on a regular basis.
  • We offer credit card services, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, e-transfer (arranged ahead of time), cash (Call us to find out what currencies are accepted).
  • We have models that can hold their own at corporate events, weddings, or a night on the town. A successful escort in Toronto, is an escort that can adapt to the situation as needed. We only employ adaptable models.
  • Our models adhere to dress, and accessory standards. If the clients asks for classy, we deliver classy, if you ask for casual, we send causal.
  • Our models know the night life of Toronto. If you are looking for a good restaurant, just ask and they will have several options, or maybe you are into nightclubs?
  • You can see multiple girls at the same time. Most of our models are comfortable with other female companions, or even comfortable with meeting couple.
  • Most of our calls are in the greater Toronto area, however some of our clients live hours away from our base of operations. We also do international calls, and calls throughout Canada. Take note that there is a minimum call length for calls that are over an hour travel time from downtown Toronto. We do offer special rates for long term calls, please inquire by calling (xx) xxx-xxxx to book now..
  • You can book in advance. This is useful if you have a function where you require a model on a specific date and time. We also make sure that we have an alternative just in-case the model you have booked has an emergency and can not fulfill her appointment. This is extremely rare, however it can happen, so we always make sure there is an alternative that closely matches the model you have booked. We don’t let our clients down.
  • One of the things we are very proud of, is that we have models that are look a likes. It is amazing how many people we have that look like celebrities. If there is a certain celebrity that you are quite fond of, or find extremely desirable, just ask any we will probably have someone that closely resembles her.
    We are not just Toronto Escorts, we are also facilitate Toronto companionship. The needs are our clients are limitless, our models are adaptable, caring and do not judge.

A typical Toronto Kama experience

We strive for an unforgettable experience. In any industry, customer service is paramount, its good business practice. In the escort industry it is even more important, as there is a level of intimacy that is not expected in other lines of business.
The rates of our models dictate that most clients know what value for money means. You treat value with the respect it deserves.

The reason that some of our clients use our services on a regular basis are:

  • Our escorts are discrete, we are discrete. Our models want to maintain their own privacy, so by default they respect the personal lives of others.
  • We only hire girls that are going to keep clients happy. A happy client is a client that calls again, a happy model is someone that is requested due to the excellent experience that they have provided on past calls.
  • The images are real. It is unbelievable how many new clients mention that they have had a bad experience elsewhere. The main complaint is that the image does not match the person that shows up. We have found that one of two things happen, and none of these scenarios are of a favorable outcome:
    1. The model is rejected, which means the client wastes time, and the model wastes time.
    2. The call continues and the client has a forgettable experience.
  • We have a wide variety of escorts, so existing clients can meet someone today, and see someone completely different tomorrow, or see both at the same time!
  • Our phone staff know the girls very well. If a client is looking for someone fun loving and intelligent, they we know exactly who to send and who not to send. You should be open to the advice of the staff as it is, once again in everybody’s best interests.
  • We are drama free. It makes sense that our clients call looking for someone that different from what they are currently experiencing. It makes no sense to destroy a working relationship with the irritation that you are trying desperately to avoid.
  • Our payment methods are safe and discrete. The last thing a client wants is to see a credit card transaction marked “Toronto Escorts”!
  • Our drivers are available for errands. It must be noted that any errands must be of a legal nature, for example going to the convenience store to get cigarettes. We also sometimes drive clients and the models to restaurants, and other places of interest.
  • The nature of the call depends on our clients. Some clients want to meet a girl for just an hour, some clients want a call to last for 12 hours, or a weekend getaway. We facilitate all reasonable requests.

A Toronto Kama what not to do list!

  • Do not exchange numbers with any of the models. I know it is tempting, however the reason you are calling an agency is so that you have an experience that is not complicated by direct contact. This is predominately one of the main reasons to go through an agency rather than a an independent escort. The last thing you need in your life is a phone call form a girl asking if you want to meet them. You can be sure that they phone call will happen at the most inopportune time, you can bet the bank on that. If you want to meet someone, you want to call, not the other way around.
  • Do not treat the girls disrespectfully. The call will end immediately if the girl feels unsafe or uncomfortable. If money has exchanged hands, and the call ends due to the aforementioned issues, all money will be refunded. You will not be allowed to book through us again.
  • Do not perform any financial transactions directly through the models. We have company credit card machines that produce slips that are of a discrete nature. If you complete a transaction via one of the girls via e-transfer, all you are doing is causing yourself a unneeded aggravation that you want to avoid. You have called an agency for a reason, so keep the transactions separate in order to avoid direct complications.
  • Most potential clients don’t, existing clients never do, yet on occasion someone will call and ask for discounts. This in not a discount agency, the rate is set at $500 per hour (excluding distance premium for call outside the downtown Toronto area. If you want a discount, then please search for Cheap Toronto Escorts, you will find many, and none will compare to what we have to offer.
  • Do not judge an escort, they do not judge you. The questions that should be avoided are:
    1. Do you have a boyfriend?
    2. Why do you do this.
    3. Do not request nude pictures.
    4. Do you hate your job?
    5. Were your parents abusive?

Toronto Kama and Escorting in Toronto

Toronto Kama is an out-call only. We are of the opinion that an in-call escort agency might be considered illegal, this is our opinion and might not actually represent how law enforcement interprets in-call services.

Due to the question and answers about the legality of escort related services in Canada, our phone staff, model’s security and website operators, adhere strictly to the stance that you are paying for your time with the model. We do not guarantee sexual activity or the promise of sex. We do not encourage or permit the indulgence of illegal substances and will not continue to represent any models caught breaking the law, while seeing a client we have introduced. The phone staff are trained not to answer any questions about sexual activity and/or other illegal activities.

Our Toronto agency takes several steps in order help with the safety of our models, we take several steps to check that all our escorts legally allowed to work in Canada. As of the writing of this information, we have found that certain work permits do NOT allow the holder of such permits, to work in the escort industry, striptease, erotic massages and/or dancing. The details of work permits can be found at Canadian website link.

The safety of our escorts, means that we also have to look at the issue of human trafficking, so we encourage our models to look out for each other as well as others in the industry, and report suspicious behavior. The models that work with us know what to look for, and how to help, and are encouraged to contact the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking (CCTEHT), which has a multi-lingual hot-line that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.